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Biscuit International Sweden is a key player covering Sweden, the rest of Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland) and the Baltic markets (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), representing a total population of more than 34 million inhabitants.
Today, we are working with all the main retailers in Sweden and Scandinavia. We produce for them a large range of products, especially in biggest segments of the market such as Swedish biscuits, Oat crisps and cookies.

Our more than 270 colleagues located in our two production sites in Örkelljunga and Åsljunga bake more than 1.5 billion cookies and biscuits per year! Pure and natural tastes are the hallmark of our classical Swedish biscuits. Oat crips and cookies are our specialty: you can have them with or without chocolate.


We have been baking cookies for over 55 years !


Creation of the GILLE brand by baker Tord Einarsson at his café “Kafé Gillet” located in Åsljunga


Launch of the GILLE brand’s famous family-size packs


Acquisition by Continental Bakeries


Integration into Biscuit International

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export to 40 markets

Our local presence

We uphold the Swedish “fika” tradition through our fantastic range of traditional Swedish cookies, conditorei, fine delicate rusk biscuits and ginger snaps. 

Diverse portfolio

We produce a large portfolio of European products such as Swedish biscuits or oat cookies and can also provide specific local products such as ginger snaps or specialties

Traditional Swedish biscuits expertise

Swedish tradition lives in our biscuits with great taste and quality. Pure and natural tastes are the hallmark of the classical Swedish biscuits, and oat crisps and oat cookies are our specialty

Available to all

We feel strongly feel that our cookies and biscuits should be available to as many people as possible, which is why we bake all our cookies without using additives, milk or trans fats. We also avoid the use of hazelnuts and peanuts. 

The Swedish “fika” tradition

The Swedish ”fika” tradition is a short break like: “A cup of coffee and a pastry please!” For many of us, the ”fika” break is perhaps even the most important part of the day. Whatever its significance, there is no escaping the fact that the” fika” tradition is something unique to Sweden

Local sourcing and high quality ingredients

Our classic Swedish cookies stand for natural flavours and local production in Sweden. We prefer to use Swedish high-quality ingredients as much as possible. Our bakers take great care in sourcing them from Skåne, the most southerly region in Sweden. The oats for our products come from the plains of Västra Götaland where it is said that the best oats are grown.

Our commercial brand

GILLE is very popular in the Swedish market, and our market share in Sweden is above 40%. Our products are also very popular outside of Sweden, and we export to around 40 countries all over the world. We are glad that we get to be a part of your “fika” break and spread the Swedish ”fika” culture in Sweden and around the world. 

Team & contact

Building a strong team with dedicated people to work as a TEAM is an essential ingredient of success: none of us is as smart as all of us!

– Mikael Carlsson, Sweden Managing Director

Our management team

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