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The Dutch cookie and biscuit market is a thriving industry encompassing a wide range of traditional and innovative sweet treats.
Dutch cookies and biscuits are famous for their taste and texture, attracting both local consumers and international visitors. The total Dutch consumption of sweet biscuits is 145,000 tons per year including some beloved Dutch classics such as stroopwafels, speculaas, or gingerbread cookies. Overall, the Dutch cookie and biscuit market is a dynamic sector that continues to evolve with changing consumer preferences and demands. 

The Dutch market for bread replacements has seen significant growth in recent years as more people are looking for alternative options due to dietary restrictions, health concerns, or personal preferences. Bread replacements cater to individuals who may be following specific diets such as gluten-free, low-carb, or ketogenic diets, or those who simply want to explore different options for their meals. The total Dutch consumption of bread replacements is 44,000 tons per year including rice cakes, crispbread and honey cake.



Creation of Bussink Deventer Koek: as well as being a delicious treat, it is also a cultural symbol of the city of Deventer and it’s heritage


Production of first rusks under the Haust brand


Creation of Banketgroep by Gilde Equity Management Benelux out of Van der Breggen (Kanjers), Neerlandia Banket and Wafel Janssen


Rebranding of all family brands such as Brink, Hille and Granco into Continental Bakeries


Merger between Banketgroep and Poult and creation of Biscuit International


Integration of Continental Bakeries into Biscuit International

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We represent a strong combination of different historical waffle, biscuit, pastry and bread replacement producers, with an extensive knowledge of all categories and private label market dynamics, and our own portfolio of brands. All to serve our customers as well as possible and meet the needs of our Dutch consumers.


With multiple production facilities, broad historical knowledge and experience and an extensive portfolio, we consider ourselves your partner in development of stroopwafels. Stroopwafels have their heritage in the Netherlands and soon found their way abroad. With our private label know-how as well as our stroopwafel brand, Kanjers we can serve our customers and consumers with the perfect product mix.

Dutch heritage brands

With Haust, Bussink and Buys we own a portfolio of Dutch heritage brands. Haust is well-known in the toast category but found its origin in rusks. Bussink is our honey cake brand, very popular in the region of Deventer, where it is even a souvenir to take home. Buys is the one and only brand for foam kisses in the Netherlands, a typical festive treat for families.

Solid R&D expertise

We are constantly improving our recipes and developing innovations thanks to analysis of the market, consumer expectations and a strong team of dedicated and creative R&D professionals. We constantly improve our recipes and innovate through analysis of the market and consumer expectations, and a strong team of dedicated and creative R&D professionals.

Strong customer-oriented approach

We offer strong commercial and category management approaches to share our vision with our customers. We use both of our local and international knowledge, learnings and insigh into trend to advise our customers. Having a broad international range of products available adds great value.

Our commercial brands

Biscuit International has a portfolio of Dutch brands such as Haust, Kanjers, Buys and Bussink. These brands produce typically Dutch products, such as stroopwafels (Kanjers), and toast & rusks (Haust).

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We are proud to be a leading private label biscuit and bread substitute manufacturer, delivering exceptional quality, taste and innovation to our customers and partners”

– Luc Van Gorp, Northern Europe Chief Executive Officer

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