Environmental footprint

At Biscuit International we are committed towards responsible
sourcing and production facilities that consider the environment.
We work with customers, suppliers and industry partners
to drive change and deliver sustainable growth and value.

Water usage

Water-efficiency as standard

Water may not represent a huge part of our production processes, but water scarcity is something that concerns everyone. As a leading manufacturer, we must be as water-efficient as possible. To that end, we monitor on-site water usage to reduce our water consumption. When equipment is upgraded or replaced, we seek water-efficient solutions. From 2021 to 2022 we reduced groupwide water consumption by 3.4% and we work continuously to improve on this KPI.

Energy Use : An energy-saving culture

We have efficient production processes and a flexible manufacturing footprint, minimising our environmental impact year on year.

Controlling our energy use is environmentally important and also helps to maintain our cost leadership. We are working towards 100% renewable energy.

As a manufacturer, our energy consumption is significant. We have many plant-level initiatives in place to control the amount of energy we use and all our German plants are ISO 50 001 certified. As a group in 2022, we reduced our energy consumption by 13% from 2021. Our group plan aims to reduce energy consumption by 3% a year, creating an energy-saving culture and optimising energy consumption by rethinking our entire energy system.

Effective transport system

Effective transport systems play a key role in our success and they are also a key lever in minimising our environmental footprint. Ingredients are regionally sourced wherever possible, meaning our customers benefit from short transportation lines. As a rule, we only send fully loaded trucks and use pallets for deliveries, combining them when we can. Group-level metrics monitor our transport network to drive increased sustainability, cost-efficiency and improved service for our customers.

Sustainable PACKAGING

Our packaging promise

As an industry leader, we believe it is our responsibility to drive change. Creating zero net waste packaging is a key pillar of our sustainable strategy. To achieve this we have a 4R policy:

  • Remove packaging where possible
  • Reduce packaging weight
  • Reuse recycled materials and increase the recycled packaging ratio
  • Recycle what is left

Our sustainable packaging goals include 100% recyclable packaging and 30% recycled packaging throughout the group.