Spanish market

The sweet market in Spain has recorded substantial growth, reaching more than 145,000 tons (+0.5%) and generating more than €1.1 billion (+18,9%)*. This remarkable increase is accompanied by a large rise in prices. In the food market, private label products remain the preferred choice among consumers.
Biscuit International Spain stands out as one of the top ten biscuit producers in Spain, securing the 4th position in the market.

On top of this our Spanish sales team is also one of the main players in Morocco for sandwich and breakfast biscuits, thanks to our well-known brands, Megachock Arluy and Petit Rio.

*Circana data


We have been taking care of you and your loved ones for more than 30 years


Creation of Arluy in the region of La Rioja


Entering in the breakfast and assortment segments with the launch of Reglero and Rio brands


Installation in a new factory located in Arrúbal in the region of La Rioja


Entry into the health segment through an agreement with Unilever to distribute Flora biscuits


Integration into Biscuit International

Our key figures




tonnes of biscuits production capacity


skilled employees

Our local presence

We offer a diverse selection of baked cookies,
including sandwich biscuits, mini biscuits and table biscuits.

Wide and diverse portfolio

We produce a large portfolio of European products such as sandwich biscuits, mini biscuits or tablet biscuits and can also provide specific local products such as plain breakfast biscuits.

Developing the best offer of the market

The ambition is to achieve the best value perception and the right price positioning vs competition.

Local expertise

Over the years, we have built a sales organisation adapted to local markets with a team of local experts in Spain, in order to be as close as possible to our customers’ and consumers’ needs.

Well established national brands

We produce a diverse range of products for our customers, with the support of our licences and well-known national brands such as Arluy, Reglero or Rio.

Our commercial brands

With our well-known national brands, we offer an extensive range of products, including
breakfast biscuits, mini-biscuits and tablet biscuits. Arluy is our flagship brand since its creation in 1988,
focused on children’s products such as our filled biscuits and Minis Originales. 

Team & contact

 They did not know it was impossible, so they did it

– Christophe Fenart, Southern Europe Chief Executive Officer

Our management team

To learn more about Biscuit International Spain, please contact us.

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