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Poland, with its 38.5 million inhabitants, is the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe, the 6th largest market in the EU, and the 4th largest manufacturer of sweets in the EU market. Sweets are one of the largest categories in the food industry in Poland, biscuits representing about 40% of that.
The value of the Polish biscuit market is more than €600 million, with each Pole eating on average almost 4 kilograms per person per annum!
In addition to the major European and Polish retailers, the traditional trade channel represents around one third of the total market.

As Biscuit International Poland, we supply our customers in all CEE countries and the Balkans. Our biggest markets outside Poland are Czechia, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia.



Creation of Delicpol, specialised in Jaffa cakes


Acquisition by private equity firm Resource Partners and start of our expansion journey


Acquisition of Cuprod based in Kluczbork


Acquisition of Chojecki, based in Kamion 


Acquisition by Continental Bakeries


Integration into Biscuit International Group

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customers across
Poland and CEE


tonnes of biscuits production capacity


skilled employees

Our local presence

As a long-standing and recognised private label player in the Polish
and CEE biscuits market, our objective is to give
the best experience to our customers.

The most famous jaffa and sponge cakes producer

We are the best known producer of sponge cakes (egg cakes) and jaffa cakes in Poland and CEE, and the #1 distributor of jaffa cakes in CEE

A well-known brand

Our famous brand Delisana is distributed in all our markets and channels

A wide range of customers

We offer the best products to customers located across Poland, Central Eastern Europe and Balkans

Two historical production sites

Our delicious cookies are manufactured in our two production sites located in Kamyk and Kamion.

Our commercial brand

Delisana is a combination of two words “deli” from the English “delicious” and “sana” from the Spanish) which
means healthy. Delisana brand’s mission is to follow the trend of “health and happiness”
offering excellent quality cookies baked with passion. 

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If when starting a game your goal is not to win,
then why start it at all?

– Grzegorz Skórka, Poland Managing Director

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