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The German market for sweet biscuits comprises a wide range of different products, which add up to a consumption volume of 281,000 tonnes per year. Our German sales team also covers the Austrian and Swiss market. Private label plays an important role in the German sweet biscuit market, accounting for 57% of overall volume, with an upward trend in the last few years!

One of the most successful products on the German market is the sandwich biscuit – an evergreen on the biscuit shelf. Other important products for the German market are butter biscuits, biscuit and wafer mixes as well as foam kisses and oat biscuits.

Beside the sweet segment, the market for bread replacements like crispbread and rice cakes is becoming increasingly popular.



Hig Hagemann Internationale Gebäckspezialitäten (hig) was founded


The company merged with the Dutch company Haust and three years later was acquired by Continental Bakeries


Acquisition of  Stieffenhofer, specialised in shortbread, flan cakes and seasonal items


Acquisition of Grabower Süßwaren, specialised in foam kisses, foam wafers and mixed biscuits, as well as crispbread


Integration into Biscuit International, which had a presence in Germany through their A&W subsidiary since 2017

Our key figures




tons of biscuits and bread replacements production capacity


skilled employees

Our local presence

As one of the biggest private label players in the DACH market we
aim to be the best partner for our customers when launching new
products, with respect to speed to market, quality and price.

Offering solid R&D expertise

We constantly improve our recipes and innovate through our detailed analysis of the market and consumer expectations, and a strong team of dedicated, creative R&D professionals. Our ambition is to achieve the best value products on the market.

High quality

We are able to provide retailers with a wide range of high-quality products matching different quality standards and certifications including organic, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade or Naturland.

Producing a large portfolio of international as well as local products

We are able to serve customers with products from countries abroad, such as Swedish oat Biscuits or Dutch rusks, as well as traditional local products such as shortcake biscuits and foam-filled chocolate kisses.

Cookies for everybody

We want to make our assortment attractive and suitable for all consumers, and work continuously on a growing assortment of organic, vegan and gluten-free products.

Our commercial brands

Biscuit International has a portfolio of traditional German brands. These include
Topkuss and Grabower for chocolate kisses and foam wafers, Stieffenhofer for
all seasonal products, Linea Natura exclusively for organic retailers and hig for biscuits and wafers.

Team & contact

We are proud to be a leading private label biscuit and bread substitute manufacturer, delivering exceptional quality, taste and innovation to our customers and partners

– Luc Van Gorp, Northern Europe Chief Executive Officer

Our management team

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