People and safety first

At Biscuit International, we strive to create a winning culture
where employees can work safely and unlock their full potential.

Safety is part of our DNA

“Zero accident” is our ambition!

As an industry leader, safety is something we work on every single day and we encourage and guarantee open communication in all questions concerning health, safety & working conditions from and towards all employees, contractors and third parties.

We want employees, visitors, contractors and third-party workers at our locations to feel safe and secure in their work. Naturally this means complying with local regulations and third-party certifications. In addition we have our own safety standards that are coordinated regionally and managed locally. We work to measure safety performance, proactively prevent accidents, and replicate best practices across the business.

Measurable improvements year on year

Our safety metrics are unified across the group. A key indicator of safety we measure is Lost Time Accident (LTA) levels. We reduced this from 5.1 days a year for every 100 employees in 2020 to 3.9 in 2022 and continue to lower it every year. Some of the steps that we have taken are: upskilling site safety champions, implementation of unified safety boards, scorecards at plant level, safety campaigns on the main risks for different job types, specific training courses delivered to increase awareness of our employees. We continuously work towards a safer environment for our workers.

Sustainable Sourcing