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Portugal has a rich tradition of bakery and pastry products, known for its variety and quality. Bakeries in Portugal offer a wide range of delicious pastries, bread, cakes, and other baked goods.

Biscuit International Portugal is a Portuguese company with a Danish DNA through the acquisition of production technologies, including butter cookies, Swiss rolls, family-sized cakes, crackers and toasts. We are one of the largest European butter cookie manufacturers in Europe.

Our local sales team works with the biggest retailers in Portugal and we produce for them a large range of products for them, especially butter cookies, Swiss rolls and crackers.


Over 45 years of experience reaching more than 70 countries.


Creation of Dan Cake and first production of Swiss rolls cakes 


First butter cookies production at Coimbra Factory 


Expansion of export activities for Europe and other strategic countries across the globe


First cracker production at Póvoa de Santa Iria factory 


Inception of our largest contract of butter cookies for one of the biggest retailer in the US 


Integration into Biscuit International

Our key figures




tonnes of biscuits production capacity


skilled Employees

Our local presence

We are offering a diverse selection of baked cookies, including cakes, Swiss rolls, cup cakes and other sweet treats. We cater to different consumer preferences and occasions, providing options for everyday indulgence as well as special events.

Reliable business partner

Over the years, we have built a loyal customer base through our consistent quality, delicious flavours and eye-catching packaging.

Developing the best offer of the market

The ambition is to achieve the best value perception and the right price positioning vs competition.  

High level of quality

We can provide any retailer with a wide range of products with a very high level of quality standards and certifications, and that can be catered to consumer needs anywhere in the world. 

Memorable taste experience

We use high-quality ingredients and traditional baking techniques to deliver a memorable taste experience. We combine a commitment to heritage with a touch of innovation, introducing new flavours and limited edition to keep our portfolio fresh and exciting.

Wide and diverse portfolio

We produce a large portfolio of European products such as butter cookies, biscuit assortments or lady fingers and can also provide specific local products such as Swiss rolls, crackers or mini-biscuits.

Our commercial brands

Since 1978, Dan Cake is a brand with notoriety in the Portuguese and Brazilian markets, as well as PALOP countries. We are one of the few brands that can offer such an extensive range of products, with such extensive manufacturing technologies, including cakes, Swiss rolls, biscuits, puff pastry, lady fingers, crackers, toasts, butter cookies and other cookies.

Team & contact

 One of our most important values is partnership for life! 68% of our sales are done with customers that have been with us for more than 5 years.

– Mitesh Jamnadas, VP Sales and Marketing Southern Europe

Our management team

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