Who we are

About us

As a trusted manufacturer, we provide a full range of biscuits and bread substitutes to a wide range of customers and channels across the globe, including major retailers, discounters, wholesalers, out-of-home players and co-manufacturing customers.

As the leading private label biscuit and bread substitute manufacturer in Europe, we are committed to offering excellent taste at great value. Our exceptional product know-how and consumer knowledge allow us to strengthen our customers’ brands and meet consumers’ expectations.

Our heritage

As heirs of a rich historical heritage of more than 400 years, we take responsibility for fostering and expanding our legacy for future generations.

The importance of satisfying evolving customer needs and consumer desires is at the heart of our activities. Our goal is to make biscuits for people to share and enjoy at their leisure.

As one of the leaders in our industry, we take responsibility for supporting the health of our consumers and the environmental balance of the planet.

Biscuit International in figures


years of experience in baking biscuits and bread substitutes


turnover in 2022


in Europe, present in more than 40 markets


k tonnes of biscuits and bread substitutes produced annually


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How we work

Our vision is to bake biscuits for people to share and enjoy.

As the industry’s leading European manufacturer, our unrivalled industrial footprint and technological know-how enable us to deliver exceptional quality, taste, and innovation to our customers and partners.

Innovation is a key driving force in our success. We continuously invest in research and development to introduce new and improved products to the market including nutritional balance and eco-friendly packaging innovations. Our dedication to staying ahead of the curve is emblematic of our commitment to meet evolving consumer demands.

Our values

We share strong values as Europe’s leading
private label biscuit and bread substitute manufacturer

We are accountable to all our stakeholders

We work with an unwavering dedication to ensuring reliability at each step of our value chain.

We promote integrity within our organisation

By developing open and honest relationships. Facing challenges with transparency, we are creating an environment of trust and mutual respect with our customers, partners, and employees.

We challenge ourselves to strive for excellence

In all that we do, enabling us to exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders.

We embrace the power of simplicity

In all aspects of our business, fostering a genuine connection with our employees and our customers.

We nurture a culture of teamwork

Where collaboration and solidarity empower everyone to play a part in our success.

We are building a leading sustainable biscuit company

We consider the long-term impact of our business in all our decisions to build a leading sustainable biscuit company. In line with our ethical standards, this means ensuring the safety of all our employees, being able to source raw materials to the highest standards of sustainability and human rights, reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and offering products that combine health, nutrition and great taste. Our employees are committed every day to delivering quality products and value-added services and are key to us being an expert partner. We commit to developing our people, ensuring a safe and pleasant work environment, and nurturing a culture of teamwork.