New launch: GILLE MINI biscuits with dark chocolate pieces

Sweden’s most popular cookie – GILLE Double Chocolate Crisps – was the start for our new idea of MINI-cookies in 2022. GILLE MINI Chocolate Oat.
Crisps Original was launched as a little cookie to go on big adventures! This new arrival on Swedish shelves from 13 February was met with applause and became a top seller right away. Now we can present new and wonderfully tasty cookies in a MINI size, and they are vegan as well! 
With a recipe collection starting from the 1960s, and our own bakeries, we have decades of experience and knowledge about what the Swedes really like – and have now baked up a new little MINI-cookie with cocoa and bits of dark chocolate. They come in a packet of 14 “minis”, or 110 grams.