The Belgian market

Belgium is known for its rich and diverse culinary traditions, and when it comes to cookies, there are a few types that are particularly popular in the country such as wafers, sandwich biscuits, chocolate chip cookies and breakfast biscuits.
The total Belgian consumption of sweet biscuits is 60,000 tons per year and more than 5,000 tons per year for bread replacements.
Today, we are working with all major retailers in Belgium, such as Colruyt and Delhaize. We produce a large range of products for them, especially addressing the biggest segments of the market (waffles, sandwiches, cookies and breakfast biscuits).


Two production sites with extensive know-how in the production of Rice and corn cakes!


Creation of Granco, a family company specialised in Rice and corn cakes


Creation of “The Rice Cake Factory” in Ghislenghien, a joint-venture between Grain Cake Bakery Co. and Lima, two Belgium Rice cake manufacturers


Acquisition of “The Rice Cake Factory” by Continental Bakeries and investment in new production lines


Acquisition of Granco by Continental Bakeries and investment in new production lines


Integration into Biscuit International

Our key figures




tons of biscuits and bread substitutes production capacity


skilled employees

Our local presence

Belgium produces Biscuit International’s large assortment of Rice and corn cakes. In recent years, these products have gained popularity as a healthy and convenient snack option. 

Flexible production facilities

Our factories are able to provide customers with a broad range of products in different sizes, flavours and packaging solutions, addressing most consumer needs.

Constant innovation

The combination of strong category management and experienced R&D professionals in Biscuit International leads to continuous innovation in the Rice & corn category, with new flavours and toppings.

Healthier alternatives

Rice and corn cakes are often lower in calories and fat than traditional snacks. Their light and airy texture makes them popular for consumers looking for guilt-free snacking options.

Commercial approach

Our Belgian commercial team is part of our combined Benelux group, enabling us to share knowledge and successes from adjacent markets. Just as importantly, however, our sales colleagues for Belgium are Belgian themselves, to understand customer and consumer needs as well as possible.

Our commercial brand

We mainly produce and sell private label products in Belgium. However, with
a market share of more than 25%, Biscuit International’s Dutch brand “Haust”
is the market leader in Belgium in the toast category

Team & contact

We are proud to be a leading private label biscuit and bread substitute manufacturer, delivering exceptional quality, taste and innovation to our customers and partners”

– Luc Van Gorp, Northern Europe Chief Executive Officer

Our management team

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