A product loved throughout the world!

Wafers began their life in the Middle Ages as a variant of “oublie” (a thin layer of biscuit rolled into a cylinder or cone)! They have evolved a bit over time! In 1898, Josef Manner, a Viennese chocolatier, launched a wafer consisting of five layers of wafer dough and four layers of hazelnut and chocolate cream: the famous Neapolitan wafer was born. Many recipes have been created since its creation, but the basic ingredients remain the same.

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

In modern times, wafers are sold in Europe in a range of different varieties: thin wafers, coated wafers, rolled wafers and many more. There is a huge range of flavours, including vanilla, chocolate and hazelnuts, raspberries, wild strawberry, and many other. We produce a range of formats (110g,146g, 150g, 160g, 170g, 190g), and in different price points from “first price” to top-of-the-range products.
Our products can be found in all retailers in Europe.

Market and consumer insights

Wafers are sold all over Europe. France is known as a particularly strong market for these products.
The market is divided into two categories: coated wafers (classic coated wafer and other coated wafers) which represent over 4,000 tonnes, and non-coated wafers representing over 18,000 tonnes sold (including children’s wafers, thin wafers, fluted wafers and large wafers).
Private label dominates the market, with 87% of classic coated wafers being private label.
Children are the main consumers of wafers, and look for a generous filling and a strong taste.
The crunchy texture is also really important.
Thin wafers are particularly popular in raspberry, wild strawberry, chocolate and hazelnut flavours.
Classic coated wafers are mainly sold in the milk chocolate variety.
Parents, by contrast, are looking for different product characteristics: high product quality with clean recipes and “fair trade” ingredients.

Latest innovation

A wave of innovation is hitting the wafer segment!
Our latest big innovation in this market is a range of products with a melting heart of milk and cocoa that were launched in store in early 2023.
Biscuit international thin or coated wafers have already clean recipes, meaning no additives and a short list of ingredients.
We are particularly focused on the origin of our ingredients, encouraging national sourcing where possible, wholemeal flour, and free-range eggs.