Swedish biscuits

Create your own “Fika” moment with our Swedish cookies!

Our Swedish cookies belong to the best Swedish classics and are preferably eaten during the traditional “fika” moment, a break where Swedes take their time over a cup of coffee and a sweet treat.
The carefully selected ingredients are the best the Swedish countryside has to offer,
and are all baked in our two factories in south Sweden. Did you know that Gille
bakes eight out of ten of Sweden’s best-selling cookies? 

A wide range available to suit all tastes !

Biscuit International offers a wide range of Swedish cookies which includes:

  • Swedish oat cookies and crisps, baked from Swedish oat including our iconic GILLE double chocolate oat crisp with dark chocolate
  • Organic range also followed
  • No added sugar” cookies
  • Swedish shortcake biscuits and cookies with different flavours such as almond, cardamom, vanilla or fruit filling
  • Swedish pastries and delicacies such as both best-sellers GILLE Pastry (a coconut-flavoured truffle cake with a rich chocolate taste) and Punch Rolls (a roll with arrack filling wrapped in green marzipan and dipped in cocoa coating)
  • Ginger snaps, with a wide assortment of delicious gingerbread cookies.

Our Swedish cookies range

Market and consumer insights

The Swedish cookies market represents approximately 13,000 tons sold in Europe. The best selling category is the Swedish oat cookie representing 50% of sales in this category.

GILLE’s market position is number one. It is the market leader in the small cookies category, number two in pastries, and number three in the ginger snaps segment.  

”Fika” is first and foremost a break from everyday life. To take a break from what you are doing. At home, at work, in school, in town. Often several times a day. 

Latest innovations

The GILLE MINI cookies  

 A concept in a perfect little bag, suitable for “on the go” consumption and available in four different flavours – all vegan, and all baked in Sweden : 

  • MINI Chocolate oat crisps original 
  • MINI Chocolate oat crisps orange 
  • MINI Biscuits with dark chocolate pieces 
  • MINI Oat biscuits with dried apple pieces 

GILLE Mini ginger snap houses 

Mini ginger snap houses made of spiced cookie dough, for the entire family to decorate and build a ginger snap land together… Each package contains the parts for six small houses. A vegan product baked with rapeseed, shea and coconut oils.