The favorite Dutch tradition!

Stroopwafels, originally called syrup waffles, are originally Dutch products. Today they are eaten worldwide, not just in the Netherlands! The product consists of two round dough waffle halves, with a diamond pattern, sandwiching a sweet syrup between them. The stroopwafel was first made in Gouda during the nineteenth century. 

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Stroopwafels come in different sizes, mainly between 8 and 9 cm in diameter, and are also available in “mini” sizes. Traditionally stroopwafels are packed in clipped bags, but nowadays the products are also available in more convenient single or double packs.
Biscuit International offers a wide range of stroopwafels with different varieties and shapes which include:

  • Regular in clipped bag
  • Mini with different flavours and formats
  • Chocolate-coated
  • Organic

Our stroopwafels range

Market and consumer insights

The total stroopwafel market has been growing in recent years. After spreading through Europe, the product has now also found interest in the US. The global market represents around 40,000 tons. The home market in the Netherlands represents approximately 25% of that and also shows steady growth.
The Dutch are still the heaviest consumers of stroopwafels, with a penetration of 60% and a purchase frequency of ten times per year. Stroopwafels have found their way all over Europe, including Germany and France, where they have a strong organic position. They have also gained popularity in the US where they are used as an energy product during or after sports.
A slightly warmed stroopwafel is particularly delicious, which is why Dutch put them over a hot drink for a moment to enjoy even more. 

Latest innovation

The latest stroopwafel innovation from Biscuit International is our chocolate-coated stroopwafel. 
A delicious stroopwafel, partially covered in chocolate, combining the best of both worlds, addressing the continuous growth of chocolate within the biscuit category, and adding value to the product group.