The option for all gourmets!

The chocolate coated sticks are a true European best-seller available both in Milk
and Dark chocolate. This product’s simplicity matches its indulgence and makes it a
delicious and practical option for a light snack at any time of the day

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Nowadays, sticks are available in supermarkets all over Europe in different versions. To satisfy your occasional cravings or as a snack, sticks are a great option!
Only true gourmets need apply! 😉
At Biscuit International, we offer different flavours, such as milk and dark chocolate, in several packaging formats to meet all consumer and market needs (39g as on-the-go solution, 75g and 90g for classic consumption, and 300g for family packs).

Market and consumer insights

In 2022, this market represented 8,000 tons of sticks sold in Europe. France is the European country with the best sales, following by Italy and Germany.
All European people are charmed by this delicious product.
Sticks are only made for Gourmets or chocolate lovers, children, teenagers, or adults.
Packs are relatively small (39g/75g/90g) allowing owner to carry it easily in a school backpack or in a handbag. Moreover, they can be eaten at each moment of the day, alone or with a yogurt, cup of milk, tea, coffee or even eat on the run!
That’s two reasons why consumers like those sticks: facility to carry and to eat.

Latest innovation

Consumers are looking for indulgence with chocolate and sensation with crunchy texture. This makes the chocolate coated sticks the perfect snack for all the moments of the day.
We never stop innovating and renovating our products to answer to customers’ expectations with new flavours, new packaging or new sizes.