A traditional recipe always full of flavour!

Spritz Cookies have been popular for generations in Europe and beyond.

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Our shortbread originally comes from Germany, where it is still made by Biscuit International according to traditional recipes. Today we bake them in many different shapes and variations including organic recipes but no matter which variety you choose, it is always full of flavour.
Our round shortcake biscuit is a real classic but there are also many variations catering for local preferences and customs. The shortcake can be baked with real butter or margarine, sea salt, Sicilian lemon oil or other delicious tastes.
If shortcake is just too plain for you, it can be enriched with a luxurious layer of real chocolate, grated almonds or grated coconut. The chocolate version is also available in a rectangular shape.

Market and consumer insights

The European market of Shortbread, or Viennese and Spritz as it is often called across its markets is a very traditional market which is popular since generations. In Germany a volume of around 10,000 tons is sold per year matching different taste and size preferences such as butter, margarine, with or without chocolate and many more. 

Latest innovation

Since 2023, rectangular Shortcake Biscuits are available with a vegan kind of dark chocolate, making them accessible to an even wider range of consumers and fitting the ongoing vegan trend!