Foam-filled chocolate kisses

One of our favorite specialities is the “chocolate kiss”!

Chocolate Kisses are pure indulgence with their combination of chocolate
coating, soft foam filling and a crunchy waffle base. Delicious!

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

They are available in different sizes and coatings – the mini kisses are perfect for sharing as a little overindulgence. With a combination of milk, dark and white chocolate varieties in the box, there is a perfect one for everybody.
Chocolate kisses can be made even more indulgent with an outside decorated with various colours, chocolate stripes or coconut chips. The inside can also come in a range of coloured meringues. Our chocolate kisses can be tailored to any season or occasion!

Market and consumer insights

In summer, chocolate kisses taste even better eaten from the fridge. In Germany, children love to put chocolate kisses between two halves of a bun – a sweet delicacy called “Matschbrötchen”.

Latest innovation

Chocolate kisses are becoming more and more popular as a promotional item due to the many different variations of topping, taste and foam colour: in this way, a chocolate kiss can be turned into something really unique, visually tailored to match whatever occasion, perfect for football evenings or a night together in front of the TV watching the Super Bowl final! In summer, fruity flavours give the foam that extra freshness, especially when the kisses are enjoyed straight from the fridge.
At the end of 2023 a new item will be launched: Christmas Kisses! These chocolate kisses will be covered by 24% Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa compound coating and decorated with sugar sprinkles in white, red and green.