Savoury biscuits

Aperitif time! What’s better than a savoury cracker?

Savoury biscuits, inspired by English crackers, are a clear growth area in the aperitif
trend. Everybody loves their crunchy texture.

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Biscuit International bakes them in many different shapes and sizes, with various flavours to satisfy everyone, children and adults alike. They are available in organic or gluten-free varieties.
The savoury biscuit market is dynamic, with many new product launches to attract new consumers.

Market and consumer insights

The savoury snacks market is large, representing €224 billion and is one of  the most dynamic of all snack segments (+2.9% CAGR from 2017 to 2022).
France is a particularly significant market for savoury biscuits, representing €288m in sales, and over the last two years the volume trend has been +5.1% per annum.
Of course, aperitif time is not just a French phenomenon: these products are in demand all over Europe.
There are many flavours, many shapes, and many textures available in the savoury snack market, with something for everybody.

Practical packaging formats allow consumers to enjoy these products anywhere.

Latest innovation

Three ranges of delicious bite-sized savoury CRUNCHY biscuits… with the best-selling flavours of the savory snack category, for maximum sales potential! All packed in a practical flat-bottom bag, ideal for sharing:

  • The crunchy sablés: a crunchy and sensuous range to please the whole family! All the best-selling flavours in the category, with a provenance for each main ingredient:
    • Cream and onions from Roscoff
    • Garlic and herbs from France
    • French Emmenthal cheese and black pepper
  • The cheese squares: A crunchy and gourmet range! A range of delicious cheese flavours:
    • French Emmenthal cheese and poppy seeds
    • Gorgonzola cheese
  • The mini bites: a crunchy and modern range in a variety of innovative and playful shapes and flavours:
    • Bacon
    • Pizza
    • Sweet onion