Rice and Corn Cakes

Healthy and addictively delicious!

In the past, rice cakes were mainly sold in health food stores. These days, everybody is familiar with rice and corn cakes, and they are sold in every supermarket. There are lots of differences in these products across Europe, although there are also some continent-wide trends. Rice cakes are addictive. They can be topped with cheese, avocado, egg, salmon, a thick layer of peanut butter, or just some butter with sea salt. And because the cake weighs almost nothing, it is a perfect low-calorie, easy-to-digest snack for young and old alike.

A wide range available to suit all tastes !

Biscuit International offers a wide range of Rice and corn cakes in different varieties and shapes, including:

  • Regular round Rice and corn cakes
  • Thin cakes with different flavours and formats
  • Mini cakes with different flavours and formats
  • Regular rectangular Rice and corn cakes  
  • “Sandwich” cakes with different fillings, such as hazelnut
  • Square
  • Coated with different flavours, such as chocolate or fruits

Our Rice and corn cakes range:

Market and consumer insights

The European market is booming and the assortment has changed a lot over the years. Over the past five years, new Rice and corn cake product launches in Europe have picked up considerably, with constant year-on-year growth taking the market to more than €650 million of sales in 2022. The market is expected to grow further the coming years, driven by both savoury and sweet coatings, other enrichments, and different bases. All this with a strong focus on portion packs (“on the go” solutions) for a perfect fit with that key consumer trend.
Rice and corn cakes are chosen by consumers because they are light, low-fat and suitable for a snack at any time of day. They fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle and diet.
As far as regional variations go: in Northern Europe, savoury and sweet flavoured product dominate the market; in Western Europe more than half the market is organic; in Southern Europe consumers choose corn more often than rice as a base.

Latest innovation

These healthy snacks have become a major source of innovation in the market.
Enriching the variety of flavours and toppings with various ingredients, including “superfoods”, Biscuit International aims always to drive the segment forward while extending the range of “on-the-go” solutions.
Consumers are looking for products that have added value: they should be “healthier”, be packaged conveniently for the specific style of consumption, or be very indulgent.
Our latest innovation is a range of gluten-free, high-protein rice and corn cakes enriched with lentils, chickpeas and peas. Packed in four portions of five slices, convenient to take along for “on the go” consumption. Low in calories and fat, this new innovation is a perfect fit for consumers looking for guilt-free snacking options!