Puff pastry

One of the most traditional French pastries!

One of the most traditional French pastries is the Palmier, dating from the early 1900s. They
are also known as “pig’s ears”, “palm hearts” or even “elephant ears”!

Deep technological expertise!

Puff pastry technology requires a very strong technical expertise as the process is very sensitive and elaborate.
In order to make palmiers, you must first make puff pastry. Then the puff pastry is rolled out and coated with sugar, and finally the two sides are rolled up together to meet in the middle, making a roll that is then cut into slices and baked. Usually it is rolled in sugar before baking.

Market and consumer insights

France is a big market for puff pastries, representing over 39 million packs a year. Private label plays an important part in this market and represents 58% of sales (whereas globally private label represents only 40%).
This product is mainly consumed in France, where the product was invented. As its popularity has grown, it is now consumed worldwide.
Practical packaging formats allow consumers to enjoy these products anywhere.

Latest innovation

Demand remains concentrated on our classic recipes. We have introduced chocolate and lemon flavourings, but they remain a very small part of the market. Consumers are looking for the classics in this segment, so we remain focused on our standard and organic range.