Plain biscuits

Tradition in its purest form!

The plain category is huge, with various kind of delicious biscuits. Our most traditional ones include the “Palet” and the “Galette”, developed in the 1800s and born from traditional Breton cuisine.

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Biscuit International bakes these biscuits in many different shapes and sizes, with various flavours to satisfy everyone, children and adults alike. They are also available in organic or gluten-free varieties.
This segment has a wide range of recipes and styles. For instance, palets and galettes are made from shortbread dough (semi-salted butter, egg yolk, flour and sugar), and once baked have a crunchy and “sandy” texture (“sable”).

Market and consumer insights

This market is very large, particularly in France, and represents over 150 million packs per annum. It is the second largest segment in the French market.
Private label plays an important part in this market and represent 50% of sales.
All over Europe, plain biscuits have such success with all customer segments thanks to their comforting buttery taste and crispy texture.

Latest innovation

This segment is focused on the traditional classics, rather than innovation. However, we also try to bring something new to the table and are about to launch a range of lemon-flavoured and caramel-flavoured products.