Lady fingers

A staple of Italian culinary culture!

Lady fingers are traditional classic pastries with an Italian origin, a staple in Italian culinary culture. It is the secret complement to your moments of inspiration and creativity in the kitchen. They are delicious on their own, or dipped while you have your hot drink or , of course, as the base ingredient for the timeless Italian dessert, Tiramisù.

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Lady fingers are produced with a simple recipe of eggs, flour and sugar. A simple and clean recipe. The perfect balance between flavours, texture and density results in a unique product that allows for the creation of many delicious and special desserts like Tiramisù and trifle.
At Biscuit International we produce lady fingers in different flavours, sizes and packagings, and our products can be found in all retailers in Europe.

Market and consumer insights

Lady fingers are produced with a simple and clean traditional European recipe and technology.
Classic lady fingers are sold and consumed worldwide, “as is” or as an ingredient for delicious desserts. There are an extensive number of recipes that use lady fingers as the base ingredient.

Latest innovation

Lady fingers is a big market with various blockbuster products. Our focus is to maintain our market position and our high-quality product, while continually improving our recipes in line with consumer trends.