Fresh Egg Waffles

A delicious traditional sweet
for every consumption moment!

Delicious light and fluffy waffles made with fresh eggs. Our waffles are ready to eat, but can also be toasted and served with fruit or other toppings. Our waffles come in different sizes and pack types, and are eaten either as a bread alternative or a sweet snack. You will find our Fresh Egg Waffles either in the bread department or sweet biscuit shelf of the supermarket. 

A wide range available to suit all tastes !

Biscuit International offers a wide range of Fresh Egg Waffles with different varieties and shapes which includes:

  • Standard size, with or without sugar 
  • Mini size  
  • Convenience (two per pack)  
  • Chocolate-filled 
  • Organic  
  • Gluten-free

Market and consumer insights

In the last few years, Fresh Egg Waffles have became a firm favourite all over Europe, particularly in Germany, the largest market for these products. The European market represents approximately 35,000 tons, of which Germany is responsible for almost half. Biscuit International is the market-leading producer of Fresh Egg Waffles. 
Consumers in Germany and the UK usually toast their waffles and use them in place of bread, topped with chocolate / hazelnut spread, jam or cream. 
In the Netherlands, these waffles are seen as sweet treats, and are found in the biscuits section of the supermarket, being eaten mainly as a snack between meals. This explains the increasing popularity of the two-per-pack “convenience” format, suitable for consumption “on the go”. 

Latest innovation

The latest Fresh Egg Waffle innovation from Biscuit International is our convenience-packed hazelnut-filled waffle with hazelnut flavour, a delicious ready-to-eat filled product suitable for “on the go” consumption. 
This product is becoming very popular with consumers, adding value to the segment without cannibalising the rest of the range.