Filled Biscuits

The indulgent biscuit by excellence!

Filled biscuits represent a large and diverse segment in our market.

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Several flavours exist to suit every palate! For fruit lovers, there are raspberry, coconut or apple fillings to enjoy, while consumers with a sweet tooth will be more than satisfied with our indulgent creamy caramel fillings.
We also produce an organic range, with chocolate hazelnut, caramelised apple and apricot fillings.

Market and consumer insights

Poland is the main market for filled biscuits, representing 75% of all sales.
Filled biscuits are also found throughout Western Europe, particularly France, where they appeal to children and adults alike.
Practical packaging formats allow consumers to enjoy these products anywhere.

Latest innovation

The latest filled biscuit innovation is the development of organic varieties.
Organic recipes have been developed with the same characteristics as the conventional product:

  • an indulgent and creamy filling
  • a delicious 100% butter biscuit 
  • three flavours: chocolate/hazelnut, caramelised apple and apricot.
  • organic ingredients

Packaging has also been redeveloped recently, with a focus on sustainability and convenience.
Indeed, plastic trays have been removed and replaced with individual plastic bags, allowing a significant reduction in the use of plastic. At the same time, the size of the pack was also reduced.