Coated Biscuits

THE biscuit for chocolate lovers!

Created in France in the 1960s, chocolate-coated biscuits have been a pillar of the biscuit market for decades. Indeed, these delicious plain biscuits coated with milk or dark chocolate are perfect for chocolate lovers!

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Biscuit international produces two types of coated biscuits, both available in milk and dark chocolate:

  • Standard coated biscuit: plain biscuit coated with chocolate
  • Cereal coated biscuit: chocolate-coated plain wholemeal biscuit, giving a crunchier texture to the biscuit. 

Market and consumer insights

These products are a major component of the French market in particular, where they are the sixth largest category, representing more than 107 million packs per year. Private label represents one third of the total market by value.
Coated biscuits appeal to adults and children alike.
Practical packaging formats allow consumers to enjoy these products anywhere.

Latest innovation

Coated biscuits are a significant market for us, with various “blockbuster” products. We focus on maintaining our leading market position and high quality standards for these well-known reference products, while continually refining and developing our recipes to meet consumer and market trends and preferences.