Chocolate tablets

Who can resist the “chocolate tablet”? ?

The traditional  “petit beurre” biscuits with a chocolate tablet on top are irresistible. They are a firm favourite in the market, and are familiar to almost everybody. Which one is your favorite: white, milk or dark chocolate?

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Biscuit International produces this very popular biscuit, topped with a delicious white, milk or dark chocolate tablet, and distributes it to retailers all over Europe.

Market and consumer insights

The European chocolate tablet biscuits market represents over 28 million tons. The product is mainly consumed in Germany, France and Spain. A firm family favourite that appeals to all consumer segments.

Latest innovation

One of the latest innovations in this category is a whole new concept, somewhere between a chocolate tablet biscuit and a chocolate bar. It looks like a chocolate bar but underneath you will find a biscuit base! 
This delicious crunchy biscuit has been developed with a melt-in-your-mouth filling.
Two recipes have been developed: chocolate / hazelnut and chocolate / caramel.
Practical packaging formats allow consumers to enjoy these products anywhere and to share them with friends and family. Or not….