Ideals for events or festivities!

Cake is a large and diverse segment within Sweet Biscuits, consisting of large
cakes to share and small cakes for all different purposes.

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Large cakes are ideal for events or festivities and can be cut into pieces by consumers. Even though these products are available in different countries, the flavour and structure differ locally.
Aside from large cake, the cake segment consists of muffins, cupcakes, cake slices and squares and other small cake products, with different fillings, toppings and flavours. Suitable for young and old!
Biscuit International offers the complete range of cakes with different categories which includes:

  • Large cakes with different flavours and formats
  • Muffins & cupcakes with different flavours and formats
  • Organic cakes with different flavours and formats
  • Gluten-free cakes with different flavours and formats
  • Cake slices with different flavours and formats
  • Brownies with different flavours and formats
  • Cake with glaze with different flavours and formats
  • Filled cakes with different flavours and formats

Our cakes range:

Market and consumer insights

Large sharing cakes hold a traditional place in the home of European consumers, serving fast and delicious treats to guest and family-members.
With such deep social roots, cakes hold a significant volume within our overall market, accounting for 6.5% of total volumes, second only to stroopwafels.

The market for small cakes has grown substantially year-on-year with a 4.4% CAGR in recent years, as consumers look for indulgent treats between meals.
Cupcakes, muffins and numerous smaller glazed and filled cakes have been introduced onto retailers’ shelves in a variety of flavours.
Despite the many renowned global brands in this segment, private label products account for over two thirds of the market by volume, offering both value and indulgence.

Across Europe, large cakes are presented in many different formats, varying from 300 to 800 grams. They are often bought for festive moments such as birthdays and high teas.

Latest innovation

Our latest innovation in the small cakes segment is our range of award-winning party cakes: delicious vanilla and chocolate cakes with white or brown coating and decorated with coloured sprinkles.