Butter biscuits

The traditional “must have”!

Our butter cookies are made with the traditional Danish recipe that is top of mind of our consumers since they were first developed. This delicious, unique and mouth-watering cookie assortment is made up of four different recipes, with four different flavours, all with a rich butter taste. The attractive tin designs with various styles and seasonality make this product a perfect collectible gift for someone special. They are the perfect packaging as the tins can be reused once the cookies are eaten. Available in tins or gift boxes with a variety of different recipes, all you have to do is choose the one you like best! 

A wide range available to suit all tastes!

Biscuit International offers a wide range of butter cookies with different recipes and pack sizes to meet any market’s needs and different taste profile preferences.
Our classic assortment is produced with three different cookie technologies and includes four different recipes: vanilla ring, a chocolate chip cookie, a coconut cookie and the iconic sugar-topped biscuit in both pretzel and rectangular shape.

Market and consumer insights

Nobody can resist this product: it is enjoyed by young and old alike. It can be shared by friends and family or enjoyed by oneself as a nostalgic treat. 
We have been producing this product with Danish technology and recipes for over 30 years. This classic and traditional product is sold and consumed worldwide. Butter cookies are a “must-have” during the festive season and are a popular Christmas gift with its attractive tin packaging that can be easily reused at home for storing all sorts of things.

Latest innovation

The Thin & Crispy butter cookie is our innovation in this traditional segment. 
To match changing consumption habits and consumer preferences, we have developed a thinner and crispier version of the butter cookies, still inside the same iconic tin. It is a lighter and crispier biscuit making them even easier to enjoy!

We see this trend in various market segments, which has allowed us to respond with this new product which is appreciated, indeed often preferred, by consumers.