Breakfast biscuits

Breakfast is the most important
meal of the day!

As their name suggests, breakfast biscuits are there to brighten up your morning meal. As every
parent knows, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Everybody in
the family needs an appetising, energy-rich start to the day. Our breakfast biscuits
are designed to meet those needs.

A wide range available to suit all tastes !

Biscuit International offers a wide range of breakfast biscuits which includes :

  • Standard breakfast biscuits with different flavours including honey, red fruits, chocolate, cereals, apricot/almond and hazelnut, etc. in family packs of 300g, 400g or 600g
  • Also available as Organic products
  • Gluten-free breakfast biscuits
  • Mini breakfast biscuits
  • Soft breakfast biscuits with chocolate, both filled or unfilled
  • Sandwich breakfast biscuits with chocolate/hazelnut filling
  • Filled breakfast biscuits
  • Round

Our Breakfast biscuits range

Market and consumer insights

The breakfast biscuit market represents approximately 40,000 tons sold in Europe. The bestselling category is the “standard” breakfast biscuit representing 70% of sales in this category.

The breakfast category mainly targets adults. Thanks to its vast array of formats, textures and flavours, this segment is a popular snack not just in the morning, but also at other times of the day. Our recipes are cleaner and healthier than the national brand reference which allows our private label customers to develop strong ranges under their own brands.

Latest innovation

In the breakfast category, our latest innovation is a product called Déj’Up, a crunchy biscuit with a mix of seven cereals. Two flavours are available (hazelnut and chocolate chip). It can be easily broken into halves which makes it easier to consume “on the go”.
This new biscuit has a different texture to traditional breakfast biscuits.
There are two biscuits in each portion pack, so it is very easy to carry around in your bag if you haven’t had time to have breakfast at home!