A French reference in the biscuit market!

Created in France in the 1960s, these delicious sponge biscuits with an indulgent topping have become a classic in the market.

A wide range available to suit all tastes !

We offer three flavours: chocolate/hazelnut, strawberry and apricot, in conventional and organic recipes.
These barquettes are packed in two-portion packs so that the sponge biscuit can be eaten fresh at all times.

Market and consumer insights

France is the main barquette market. Indeed, this typically French product is a blockbuster in its home country: it is the fourth largest segment in the market, representing more than 86 million packs per year. Private label represents 50% of sales. In France, everybody has eaten barquettes since childhood and children remain the main consumers of barquettes. Children appreciate the product as a daily treat.
Their favourite flavour is chocolate/hazelnut, followed closely by strawberry. Adults meanwhile are reassured by our palm-free recipes and our large organic range.

Latest innovation

Our latest innovation in the barquettes market is our organic offer. We felt that such a best-seller amongst children deserved a full organic range, and Biscuit International is currently the only barquettes producer to have invested in this highly successful innovation.