Products Naturally good for you


  • Most of our range has organic recipes ready to launch
  • Our specialized R&D team can develop recipes tailored to your needs
  • We have secured qualitative organic raw materials sourcing


  • Gluten, Lactose, Milk
  • We have been producing Gluten Free products for the past 12 years
  • Amazing tasting products preferred vs the competition
  • All production batches are released following thorough analysis to fit with the Coeliac shopper


  • We offer vegan recipes ready to launch
  • Cookies, Puff Pastries and Stroopwafels

Because quality of our products is the key of success, we are committed to supporting 4 essential pillars in all our formulations :

  1. Nutritionally balanced: Nutritional profiles increasingly suited to the consumer target.
  2. Clean label: Ingredients and additives only used as necessary and as natural as possible.
  3. Food security policy: The quality systems of our 14 production sites are internationally recognized through GFSI certification, reassessed every year with a goal of excellence. Beyond certification, it consists in a team of experts working to ensure our products are produced using ingredients from a fully traceable supply chain with the highest standard of product quality and safety.
  4. Ethical products: Because the quality of quality  is also addressing broader concerns of today’s society in which we take a stand and we support you, in particular through specific approaches allowing environmental compliance, animal welfare, national promotion. Consuming well: a responsible act!

In 2010 we were one of the first companies to commit ourselves in the RSPO sector and to propose alternatives to palm, and we have since developed a great ability to adapt to other initiatives such as UTZ, Fairtrade, KAT, etc.

As many themes which the European quality and R&D teams take in hand to share their knowledge of the products, processes, and regulations to better meet your expectations.


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